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You also live in XXXXXXXXXXX, in the direct opposite room from this, XXXX.

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I cannot praise the waiting staff and bouncers in this place enough, the bouncers mean business and will not tolerate any bad behavior, and are all on the ball, however are still all very friendly towards everyone, and as two young girls if any guys got a little out of line the bouncers would step in, I felt VERY safe while I was here!

I would like to request a very valid reason for why I was refused at the gate while being accompanied with a friend.

I will submit a written complaint to Ramee Group if I am not provided with a reason.

Best Regards, Rock Bottom Management Had a fabulous time here, it was really overcrowded but the live band and atmosphere more than compensated.

As other reviewers have said the clientele are unpretentious and friendly.

At this point Prashanth got upset and just walked away.

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