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She apologizes to him, and insists that he listen to the players.

By mistake, Patsy conveys the story to a newspaper music critic that Stokowski will conduct an orchestra of unemployed musicians, and that John R. When the story breaks, Frost protests his embarrassment to his friends, but they suggest valuable publicity would result.But the situation is reversed when it comes to those aged 35-64, with more single women – 271,000 – than men who are unattached.One Hundred Men and a Girl is a 1937 American musical comedy film directed by Henry Koster and starring Deanna Durbin.Realizing that Patsy took her seriously, Mrs Frost flees to Europe. Frost tells John and his friends that he will not sponsor them, as they had supposed, unless they can attract a well-recognized guest conductor to give them a 'name' and launch them on their opening night.Patsy, undaunted, sets out to recruit none other than Leopold Stokowski to be that conductor.He tries unsuccessfully to gain an interview and audition with Leopold Stokowski, but not to disappoint his daughter, Patricia (Patsy) (Deanna Durbin), he tells her that he has managed to get the job with Stokowski's orchestra.

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