A consolidating


The projects that get five stars, automatically become the regional winners and continue to complete for the global recognition.

Compared to last year, the list of the winners of the European subdivision of Property Awards is not as rich in Russian projects but it is still pleasing to the eye.

my Register includes the best functionality found in typical ERP PPE registers with added features for simplifying the preparation of financial statements.

my Register will be most useful for entities that run their PPE register outside the accounting system, as well as for entities where preparation of data on PPE and intangible assets for reporting purposes entails multiple manual operations, or where existing accounting records do not meet the requirements of integrity, completeness, and accuracy in full.

Our leadership on the steel markets is supported by our own service and sales network Mechel Service.

This year, the list of the regional laureates of International Property Awards includes over two dozen of Russian projects.

For the next stage of the contest, entitled "The World's Best" - only twelve will be short-listed.

More about e Consolidation my Reporting is a tool that automatically prepares financial statements using data from accounting systems, consolidation systems, and Excel files.

With my Reporting, users can prepare not only financial statements, but also any other internal or external reports.

Today we are reconstructing Port Posiet in Primorye Region to boost its capacity.

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