Abusive and intimidating behavior in business


You might guess, correctly, that Ralph was oblivious to the fact that his description of others was how his co-workers and subordinates described him.

In this post I describe some examples of that toll in today's workplace culture and point towards some ways to deal with them -- ways that require something different from the usual coping and stress management strategies.

A Gallup Poll of 1 million workers found bad bosses are the No.1 reason for quitting a job.

And a 2011 poll conducted by Harris Interactive for the American Psychological Association found that 36 percent of workers report ongoing work stress, most of which is related to negative or outright unhealthy management practices.

There's even some evidence that psychologically unhealthy management can create a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, like that seen among soldiers returning from combat.

Abusive bosses often run into problems themselves, eventually, especially in organizations that require a high degree of teamwork and collaboration for both individual and business success - increasingly the norm, today. For example, Margaret landed a job with a small but growing event-planning company when she was just a few years out of college.

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We want people to feel that someone's always looking over their shoulder, ready to catch them on something. Surveys find that large numbers of American workers are dealing with abusive and/or incompetent managers, and it hurts the companies they work for.There, you may find that your achievements are ignored or unrewarded.The APA survey found that over 50% reported not receiving adequate recognition for their achievements.Ralph's an example of just one kind of psychologically unhealthy management you might encounter at work: the narcissistic and arrogant boss.Others are more abusive, bullying people who create a great deal of suffering for those reporting to them.Moreover, you might find yourself dealing with constant political manipulation, secrecy, questionable ethical behavior, or other kinds of negative management practices.

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