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Chances are you won’t be invited back if you tear up the lawn or crack the driveway.

Fitting the RV in the driveway or yard is important and all, but if you can’t get there it doesn’t matter how big the spot is. Does the driveway have a significant dip or bump where it meets the street?

This means that if you plug in you’re going to need to be mindful of your usage.

You will also need an adapter to fit your 30A or 50A plug into the 15A household outlet.

Luckily, we were at the end of our planned stay anyway, and she only gave us a warning instead of a hefty fine. Aside from not breaking the community rules, the number one consideration when driveway camping is will you fit? Therefore, it goes without saying that a campervan is going to fit in a lot more driveways than a 45-foot motorhome.

Of course, you should never assume that utilities will be available when driveway camping.

The best practice is to show up with empty waste tanks, a full water tank, and the ability to be flexible with power usage.

Since the last thing you want is to leave unsightly marks behind, make sure your parking spot can handle the weight of the RV.

This is especially critical if you plan to park in the yard or on the grass.

If you are offered use of utilities here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

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