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I guess I haven't been around dating sites too much to know when someone is being an honest person or not. He's a fake who's looking for someone naive to fall for his stuff.

Just for kicks- if he were real, you'd be able to go watch women's wresting somewhere and verify him as an 'agent' or whatever he is.

Obviously I am a little bit concerned since this is by far the oddest thing anyone has ever told me. when he walks through, aim a big dramatic roundhouse punch at his face, but veer off at the last second so you smack his chest, and stomp your foot loudly at the same moment. If you want to date him..him to meet for coffee and discuss it further. EDIT- the odd thing about the comment was it was coming from a friend who was gay..told me if a man ever came up to me and said I looked like Jodie Foster..was a poor pick up attempt.

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The devil makes work for idle hands, and few hands are as idle as those whiling away their careers on the internet.One of my friends is a producer so I am familiar with random comments to people. But a random out of the blue comment like that caught me off guard. I laughed about it for sure, only because I could only imagine what the next "line" would be. Everything that makes an actual, human relationship good, Facebook seeks to destroy.It is nothing more than a gigantic catalogue of people you never quite slept with.No doubt they were doing the same thing – I suspect I am a net producer of Facebook missives.

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