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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Blair Willows is just the average California girl,surfing and rocking out to One Direction is basically her everyday routine. Then I finally realized why they were saying those things, my hand was still bundled up with his. “Hold that thought Eli.” I let go of his hand and went into the center of the cafeteria. I stepped onto a table, fiddled with my hair and took a deep breath.

Zoey Di Carlo and Ke Ke Bakr were her only two best friends she had in Montclair High, Including her busy body boyfriend Dext... “Hey, my name is Blair Willows; I am currently a junior here at Degrassi.

Okay that should do it and I'm sure most of you knew all of that already but just in case I didn't want anyone to get confused. Ais is in the room already, she's next to the drinks table and talking to Jordy.

I look at her and grin without realizing at."What are we grinning at? " I reply mentally slapping myself and looking away from Ais."Oh I should have known," Jahmil grins glancing at Ais."Okay everyone is here let's get started, find your names at the table," Stefan tells us sitting at one end of the room with the writer of the episode and the producers.

I'd like to welcome Craig Arnold who will be playing Luke Baker, Dylan Everett who will be playing Campbell Saunders, Demetrius Joyette playing Mike Dallas and Sarah Fisher playing Becky Baker.

I'd also like to welcome a wonderful veteran actor Paul Popowich who will be joining us as a regular this season playing Asher Shostak," Stefan says as we all settle into our seats.

” “That’s right, I agree with her.” I boy from the jock’s table stood up with me he had short brown hair almost like Eli’s but lighter. Adam grabbed Imogen and we finally took our seats, Eli returned with two trays filled with pepperoni pizza. “I’m Drew by the way.” He grabbed my hand and shook it. “Messed up all the way, see what people need to understand is that they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover they should judge it by the pages of that story; if that made sense.” Drew put his arm on my shoulder. “I’m going to tell you the same thing I said to Simpson.

Stefan begins by reading the episode title, the slugline, action and character name before the dialog. No big surprises in this episode but we're all happy we don't have the school uniforms anymore.

Legal: I am not in any way affiliated with De Grassi or Epitome.

This story is a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes only.

Her role as Hannah Woodal in Wild Card, She also had a small role in "Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars".

In 2006, She played as, Amber in the CBS Film Candles On Bay Street.

; born March 5, 1994) is a Canadian actress, best known for her role in Degrassi: The Next Generation as Clare Edwards, the younger sister of Darcy Edwards.

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