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Huck, in which she alleges that he had made videotapes of women when they used the restroom at Southern Air. The policy was announced in a written press release stating that his office had filed four charges against Chuck Berry.Berry has denied any involvement with drug use or trafficking and says he neither uses drugs nor drinks. Charles County, are being investigated for their role in a fight involving Vincent J. He is the husband of a woman who is suing Berry, a pioneer in rock 'n' roll. Dealing with the media on high-profile cases causes too much disruption in his office, Hannah said. Charles County public defender Tim Braun, a Democrat, in the general election in November.Johansson said Berry denied the allegations against him. Someone is out to get me.'' The charges stem from a raid on Berry's estate near Wentzville last month, when authorities went looking for large amounts of cocaine.They found no cocaine but seized three firearms, bags believed to contain marijuana and hashish, 2,501 in cash and numerous videotapes, slides and books described as ''sexual in content.'' He said he had made arrangements with Hannah's office for Berry to be given time to complete his concert tour.An undetermined number of women have filed a class-action suit against Chuck Berry, charging that the rock 'n' roll legend made videotapes of them when they were undressing and using bathrooms on his property. In his motion to have the identity of the plaintiffs kept anonymous, he notes that Berry has been convicted of three felonies, including armed robbery, and that his clients fear reprisals.

No information was available on the amounts of the hashish and marijuana reported seized. ''This whole thing is a tragedy to me.'' Berry is ''a good businessman,'' Schoeneberg said. Berry is a convicted felon and barred from possessing firearms.No cocaine was found, but several items were seized, including some substances thought to be marijuana and hashish that are now being analyzed.In December, Berry was named in a suit filed by Hosana A. Hannah said Wednesday that neither he nor his assistants would discuss with the media any criminal case that his office handles.The raid took place after a search warrant was issued by Associate Circuit Judge William T. Berry's attorney, Wayne Schoeneberg, said that the affidavit filed by authorities to get the warrant contained several ludicrous allegations against Berry. The document also stated that Berry, 63, had million in liquid assets, of which million was obtained through drug sales. ''The affidavit says he has been suspected for some time of transporting cocaine. Schoeneberg said he believed the raid was connected to a suit filed last December by a former cook at Berry's Southern Air Restaurant in Wentzville.He said the affidavit alleged that ''huge quantities of cocaine'' would be found at Berry's home. The cook alleged that Berry had made videotapes of her and other women as they dressed, undressed and used the toilet.Now, he should try the proper approach: Conduct business in the open and release to the press and the public all the information it deserves to know.

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