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In part 2, Gokey talks about Kris's victory, the loss of his wife, future plans, and those trademark glasses Q: What are your thoughts on Kris's victory? For me that was the highlight of the entire season. Q: Do you feel like your "Idol" experience is complete now? My career is now in my hands and what I can learn off of what I feel like were maybe mistakes on the show. I've grown as a musician on the show, and I can become more of what I want to be.Kris and I have large fan bases, and we share a similar group of fans, so it made sense he would pick up my votes. I'm very happy with the season and relieved its over. This is not the peak of my career, it's just a door that opened up to it. GOKEY: Get out of my head - just for me to get out of my head and stop analyzing things. I look back on it, and I'm like oh my gosh, why did I do this, that, or the other thing? Q: So it's where you can launch yourself into the public eye and stay there?Peralta now works with him on Sophia's Heart projects.AMERICAN IDOL contestant Danny Gokey spoke with LKL producer Michael Watts. GOKEY: Well, remember I picked him to win yesterday when we spoke, and here's why. GOKEY: I do feel like my "Idol" experience is complete. It's launched me - it's helped me reach my dreams. If you ask me, this is where it really starts to count, is after the show.The idol machine decides who fits, who molds, who can "we control". However, each week, I tuned in to watch Adam Lambert ~ with that "it" factor. Want to know what his fave performance was and What kind of offers is he getting? I enjoyed this season I'd first off like to give congrats to both kris and adam.For a show that says it wants a superstar and has one in their hands and lets him go? Please, dont waste my time or millions of viewers time. you guys were both great this week and both of you looked like rock stars singing with kiss, queen, keith urban ect.

Gokey, known for his touching back story and edgy eyeglasses, finished in the top three during "Idol's" Season 8, when Kris Allen won and Adam Lambert was runner-up.

But instead of letting my situation define me, I let it become a defining moment in my life, and something good has come out of it. If you don't look the part, you won't win. It was said "we are looking for someone to be a world star, and I think we found that in you." He did not fit, did not look the part, did not act correctly, challenged too much, dared too much. Don't wxpect this comment to hit the board but so be closer attention to lead ins as it can alter plans for viewers 😦 EDITORS NOTE: Not sure what this is referring to since we didn't know the Idol results before they were announced on American Idol, but since it was said we wouldn't post, we want to show we are an equal opportunity blog.

I hope that people get that side of me that's saying, listen, don't let that tragedy or that failure define you, but let it be a defining moment where you step up and become greater. If you don't act correctly, you won't win. Thank you, ADAM LAMBERT, for fitting, looking, acting, challenging, and daring millions of Americans. You have summoned up the Idol Machine in one season. Your lead trailer for watching upcoming show, gave way to the winner of American Idol yeasterday before the show was broadcast. Biggest Congrats to champ, Kris Allen, an all-around musician, so natural performing with Keith Urban.

"After dinner, they went to the ballet, and finally Danny took her where they had their first date," Gokey's rep said.

He serenaded her with "You Are So Beautiful," then asked her if she'd marry him.

If he had lost and I were in the finals, I think his fan base would have gone to me. GOKEY: I think whoever won, America would have gotten it right. I needed to walk through the "Idol" door to get to the rest of my career. But the thing is, I'm OK with it, because I feel like I overcame a lot in these last 10 months. GOKEY: Exactly, and that's the opportunity at hand.

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