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Clark also is an excellent cook, making her a popular teammate both on and off the court.

SLAM caught up with Clark in New York before the Storm took on the Liberty.

Just that drive to want to be the best is something that’s blatantly obvious.

SLAM: With the team being in the thick of the playoff race, how is the team approaching the end of the regular season?

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Unless you’ve followed women’s college basketball very closely over the past decade, you may not know that Alysha Clark holds a very distinguished place in the NCAA record books.

So my sophomore year is when I started getting serious about it. SLAM: How did that affect your college recruitment? But there were some schools—because it was my junior year, so it was still far out. SLAM: Was it difficult to find your role once you made it to the WNBA?

So for me, once I found out my work ethic is why I got here, my IQ is why I got here. SLAM: Who helped keep up your confidence during those difficult times?Tina made me see things from a different perspective.She was one of my big sister mentors that kind of just sat me down and was like, “Listen, you’re here for a reason.“Once she showed the confidence that she had in me, I was like, If she can believe in me, and this is one of the best players ever in the history of the game, then why can’t I believe in myself? Relying on the work ethic and IQ that defined her as a player, Clark was able to remake her career as a highly efficient shooter and lock-down defender.And in a way, her role has come full circle, as she’s now one of the leaders in the Storm locker room, guiding Seattle’s young and talented roster to a potential 2016 playoff birth.SLAM: When did you really start to focus on basketball?

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