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Die Haupttierrolle in der Serie ist ein schwarzes Quarter-Horse namens Spartan.Er kennt seinen Job genauso wie alle anderen Schauspieler.He wraps his paws around her neck and drags across the floor while she doesn’t even change her pace. Click Here to read the entire interview By KATHY RUMLESKI, THE LONDON FREE PRESS Heartland has taken Amber Marshall from a promising teenaged actor to a television star, now in her early 20s, with fans around the globe.The ride for Marshall continues, literally — she’s somewhat of a horse-whisperer — as CBC-TV announced the family drama’s renewal for a fifth season.CP&AM: And what about your cats Chyanne and Turner? Amber: My cats Chyanne and Turner are still best of friends and spend their days trying to catch pigeons in the barn.My newest kitty, Mouzer came into my home last November, so I’m not sure if readers have heard of him. He will hide behind the couch and jump on Remi as she walks by.CP&AM: Please start by filling us in on how all of your animals are doing?

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Wir können alle soviel dadurch lernen, wenn wir einfach zusehen.Do you find the work of a so-called horse whisperer interesting? I find the ability to learn, understand, and communicate language with an animal is a remarkable gift.Ever since I was young I have spent countless hours with many kinds of creatures.Ich mag das Sprichwort, und ich denke, meistens geht es um die Fähigkeit einer Person, einem Partner hinter die Stirn zu sehen.Ob dieser Partner nun ein Mensch, Pferd oder etwas anderes ist, die Logik bleibt die gleiche.She is happy to lay off camera all day and watch me work. She loves that I travel around to beautiful remote locations to film Heartland, as she gets to explore each one.

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