American women dating moroccan men


the red flags should be very visible to you: does he have a job back home? Until you are living together for many mos it's impossible to know their real personallity if they are trying to hide it.

age difference is he trying to rush you to get married and more things that could trigger suspicions. I know one thing I thought made my husband seem like he cared was always wanting to know who I was with and what I did and every detail of my day.

Many have their next spouse waiting to join them through the whole process.

If you keep your ears to the ground you will find at least 10 countries where more than half of the marriages dissolve before 5 years are over ( or just after in states where to lessor spouse gets a more favorable settlement after the 5 year mark ) Every USC should take time to examine the norms in the non USC's culture and understand that they aren't so special that their spouse is going to go against what they were brought up with.

I am divorcing my Moroccan husband of 7 years and although it took me the last 3 years to get the courage to end it as I was just very unhappy in the marriage (my husband was nothing like the man I thought I had married from morocco once he was here) he was always nice, polite, cordial (great at customer service) we also worked together in my business for 4.5 years he never wanted to go do anything accept hang around the house or sleep.

Prefered to stay home and cook meals and we rarely ate a meal out it was basically no fun at all and I felt like I was going to die!

I agree that lots of Moroccan man that are trying to hook-up with girls online are only after one thing: a visa to get out, just like every other scam out there. Also he acted jealous of men whom were not my family and did not like them to touch me or talk a lot to me. He also took me all over morocco to meet all of his family.

but than once here in the USA he joined a mosque and all of his attention was on the going on at the mosque and left me cooking at home or shopping by myself or he'd go shop by himself and never wanted to spend a dime on anything just for fun. My friend from morocco said this is a well known thing men there do and he kept appologising to me because it happened to me?

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If you meet somebody online for couple of months and may be go visit him/her once and spend some time with him, do you really think you know them enough to actually tie the knot with them? I mean talking online, writing letters, visiting for a few weeks or a month once in awhile it's still easy for someone who is knowledgeable in saying everything they know a woman wants to hear and doing things to make her feel he really loves sad to hear, I married a man from overseas that I chatted with online for 10 months before meeting in person, we are now married 14 years.Honesty, trust, respect regardless of country of origin religion etc go a long way, wish you all the best Like my father always says "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".I know no one whom is still with their husbands from when I was on here years ago. I'm really sorry to read this as I am also from Morocco.I assure you that not all Moroccan man are the same. They are just people looking forward to getting their loves better and sometimes, the "how" does not matter. Would I encourage American ladies to marry from abroad, especially if they don't know the person well enough? Moroccan or not Moroccan, don't take the chance, unless the know the person well.I was sickened and of course I am heart broken but it makes sense to me now.

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