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Logan is always very sensitive when it comes to Camille, which means that these traits are mostly based on impulse.

These behaviors and the relationship itself are sometimes "exhausting" as stated by Logan in Big Time Contest.

Camille also mentioned that no person had ever asked her out, indicating that Logan was the first.

As their friendship and relationship has developed, along with the show, they have both brought out traits and characteristics that were either unexistent or carefully tucked away in each other.

As revealed in Big Time Dance, Logan had never asked out any girl before Camille, stating that girls always asked him or James had set up a double date for both of them.

I removed my head from lips and cupped her cheek with my free hand, rubbing it with my thumb.

"I'm sorry." I stayed in the same possition untill the paramedics pulled me away from her.

Official Colors: Brown and Black Logan has brown eyes and black hair and Camille has brown eyes and brown hair.

Official TV Show: One Tree Hill On the episode "Big Time Love Song" Camille purposely prevented him from impressing Jo by using him in a kissing scene, saying "Yeah lets go with that" when Kendall asked if she was practicing for One Tree Hill.

Official Song: Nothing Even Matters because it's the song that plays at the prom when Logan spies on Camille and her date.

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