Are kian lawley and andrea russett dating


Andrea Russett, Suede Brooks, and Kian Lawley’s rumored new girlfriend Meredith Mickelson recently had a very big misunderstanding which ended in name-calling. She thought Suede and Meredith dissed her in a video, and ripped into them. We are likable people,” Meredith and Suede announced together. ” Meredith said – referring to new “boyfriend” Kian Lawley. “I do not want to be associated with your trash name.

“Actually it’s true.” “People just like us because we are likable. “I am pretty sure the whole public can guess this one! On her official secondary Twitter, Andrea ripped into the pair. “You talked about me as if your name crosses my mind for one second of the day! They went on Twitter and posted video proof of what they REALLY said during the audio muting.

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Kian never clarified anything, and the photo hit an astounding 65,000 comments on Instagram! Because I am getting a lot of questions flyin’ at me.” “100% honesty with you guys right now. The fact that the older man is dating the twin’s ex is not only illegal (she’s UNDERAGE!! Do you think Kian and Meredith are actually dating? You Tuber turned host known on the weekly talk series Apologies In Advance With Andrea Russett.Born in Iowa, he moved to California with his family when he was five.He has siblings named Isabelle, Rio, Cole and Tabatha. He was in a relationship with fellow You Tube star Andrea Russett, but the couple broke up in mid-2014.With Our2nd Life, he became known to post weekly videos every Saturday.

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