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The local fishermen usually call the temple Tsudera, Port Temple, and the honzon is known as Kajitori Jizō, the Helmsman Jizō.

Legend says that Lord Yamanouchi of Tosa Castle was saved from shipwreck because of his devotion to Jizō.

If you visit the bangai temples as well, this will change some of these distances. About each temple's goeika: there are variations between books on the goeika for various temples. And this awareness is probably making a difference in your life. It is a little hard to imagine what the holy men and women of old went through as they walked this trail if you stay in a warm and dry room every night.

I don't know if they have changed over the years or if different groups and/or sects have different accepted versions. If you are guaranteed dinner each night and breakfast each morning.

This information is being put together from many sources.

They must not be eaten but, instead, should be held over water so that you can see the reflection of the seals in the water. Before the reflection is made, however, the water is offered in a cup in the tokonoma.This cave also shelters the souls of dead children.In the temple grounds is a large boulder about 3' high and 4' wide with small, palm-sized stones laying in depressions along the top.It is a long three-day walk down the coast from Temple 23 to Cape Temple on Cape Muroto.But, if you tune out the traffic and the fact that you are walking on the side of the highway all the way down the coast, you see that it is a beautiful walk.The honzon is so life like that legend states that it walked to the alter by itself after being carved.

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