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I have a few female friends from church, but I keep them at a distance, and prefer to be at home surfing the Internet, or pursuing my hobbies of creative writing, art, and reading.

I am obsessed with history and with certain movies, books and fictional characters. Whether or not you are really an Aspie or not, some of the strategies useful for a person on the spectrum can be helpful to you in regards to feeling more comfortable in social relationships, and also getting your husband to understand you are not just lazy.

I have been recently told earlier this year by a psychologist that I most likely have aspergers.

Once my friends at church found out it feels like they've been treating me differently.

I tend to obsess with my own adult children and their lives and how I don't want them making bad decisions in their lives but I keep this to myself. Everything on the checklist points to my life and childhood.

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It is important that adults questioning whether or not they have AS, seek the services of a professional experienced in assessing AS in adults (see resources below).

Tha later is mainly because people get the wrong idea about what I am trying to say and end up thinking I am an idiot.

I have always felt like this but I know I am capable. One day, I was doing research on Autism and AS, and while going through a list of symptoms of AS, I felt as though I could relate 100%.

Yes, it's nice being part of the global autism community. :) I have always been a social outcast, made fun of, can't socialize properly, and have few close friends. I can't stand loud noises or bright lights, even just listening to music gets on my nerves now as an adult although I was in the high school band and learned to play piano as a child. I listen to audiobooks in the car, read a book everyday and if I can't it tends to upset my day.

I am a schoolteacher and I tend to tolerate the misbehaviors of my students more than other teachers because I just don't get angry at all.

People just get the wrong idea about what I am trying to say. I unconsciously sabotage any and all relationships even though I badly want to have friends ! Finally, I felt as though there was a reason that I acted the way that I did, even clear back into my childhood.

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