Ben affleck dating history

From her high school boyfriend through her engagement to Ben Affleck and her marriage to Marc, here's a deep look at J Lo's romantic roller coaster.Leo's 1995 rumored fling with Naomi Campbell reportedly fizzled fast, but they became good friends.Ben Affleck has had some highly publicized romances during his time in the spotlight, but his list of ex lovers is actually pretty short.While it's clear he has a thing for Jennifers (he was engaged to one and married the other), he also has a habit of dating his costars.They’ve been trying to take it slow but it’s progressing quickly.Their feelings are strong.” Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their separation in 2015 after over a decade of marriage and filed for divorce this past April.

Around then, and over the past few years, “Whenever he was on ,” says another source.They have continued to closely co-parent their three children — Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5.Shookus was previously married to then-fellow producer Kevin Miller in 2010 before splitting a few years ago. “They’re both really good friends still,” the source close to the situation says. A five-time host of premiere afterparty in New York City at the Stone Rose lounge, chatting and laughing at the bar.“He definitely looked interested in her,” a partygoer told PEOPLE at the time.“They were both married at the time, but there was definitely a flirtation.” Still, a source who knows Affleck, 44, and Shookus, 37, maintains the romance is “relatively new,” the source says. Marriages break up for a number of reasons.” Another source with knowledge of the situation says the couple were “just friends” at first.

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