Binsearch not updating


You can Choose ‘search other groups’ to search other 300 newsgroups.

Let’s look at what a Usenet Search engine is, how it works and how good Binsearch is at doing its job. Binsearch or any other Usenet search engine, like NZB Index, are searching services for Usenet.

Binsearch, or is currently ranked 3500 on the Alexa rankings for most used websites around the world. NZB Creation: This is one of the main selling points for Binsearch.

In other search engines, you would need to download multiple parts and use an NZB client to create an NZB.

These websites have an extra layer of encryption and cannot be accessed from all search engines.

In Binsearch, you can create NZB files right off the platform.

This removes quite a lot of hassle from the Usenet process, as it removes an additional step.

Binsearch indexes every binary newsgroup that is supported by our .

By default only the most 400 popular newsgroup are searched.

Binsearch, at the time of writing, is affiliated with 3155 newsgroups.

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