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So for the purposes of clarity in this FAQ we call the guide software the "X1 Guide" and the DVR the "X1 DVR."The X1 DVR and Guide combination was called codename "Xcalibur" during testing.

The guide had also been referred to as "On Screen Guide 3.0", this terminology typically was only used in Scientific Atlanta/Cisco markets.

Much like the "RNG" designation used for legacy i Guide digital cable boxes there are different levels of "X" designations being used for different levels of features and boxes can come from a variety of vendors.

These boxes are based on Comcast's new Reference Design Kit (RDK).

And then test the page up/down buttons on a recording, or you can try it on live TV if you have a DVR, to see if it took effect.

Recordings put into the cloud will then be made available to be "checked out" (downloaded) to a mobile device.

Due to content rights issues, Live TV streaming only works when on your home Wi-Fi network.

General X1 Cloud Technology FAQs: » ··· ral-faqs Recording and Playback Features FAQs: » ··· ack-faqs Download Feature FAQs: » ··· oad-faqs Live TV Streaming on the X1 Platform FAQs: » ··· treaming To access the hidden diagnostics:1.

Hold down the Exit button on the remote for more than five seconds.2. Press the 2 button Note: you won't see any feedback that these steps are working, just move through the steps quickly.

This had been known by the codenames "Parker" and "Spectrum" while under beta testing. The designation of "XG1-P" and "PX001ANx" (x is either an M or a C depending on the region) or similar code, depending on hardware revision, can be found on the FCC label.

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