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"I don't really worry about the future or anything like that.I just worry about Ole Miss."Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long praised Bielema earlier this season and talked about his confidence in the former Wisconsin coach following a loss to No. 9, saying he was "100 percent behind Bret Bielema."Long declined an interview request from The Associated Press through a spokesman on Sunday.Quarterback Jalen Hurts was 12-of-19 for 155 and a touchdown and he rushed for 41 yards and another score. The offense was led by quarterback Cole Kelley, who had 200 yards passing on 23 of 42 attempts.The Razorbacks have lost six of their last eight games dating to last season, and they haven't defeated the Crimson Tide (7-0, 4-0) since 2006, losing 11 straight games."There's one little girl who doesn't raise her hand. The teacher said, 'You don't have to be exactly what your parents are. What if they were both losers.' "Well, then I'd be a Razorback." Arkansas is coming off a 52-20 loss to No. Bret Bielema is now 27-31 overall and 10-26 in the SEC after the school's third straight blowout loss.The defeat was Arkansas' (2-5, 0-4 SEC) seventh in its last nine games dating back to last season, keeping the Razorbacks at the bottom of the SEC's West Division.

Arkansas likely needs to win four of its final five games to avoid missing a bowl for the first time since Bielema's first season in 2013.Speaking at the Little Rock Touchdown Club, Anderson shared a story about his 4-2 Red Wolves visiting an elementary school to read to a second-grade class full of Razorback fans. Everybody in the class who is a Razorback, please raise your hand.' "Well, there is about 30 kids in this class. ' She said, 'No, I'm a Red Wolf.' That made me feel even better."Immediately, there is Razorbacks posted everywhere," he said. And in my backyard, there Razorback pics all over the place. A couple of times I say to the teacher, 'You know, it would be nice to have a couple of Red Wolves around here.' "She said, 'Look, I'm sorry. Matter of fact, my whole class are Razorbacks.' I said, 'Really? Everybody but one raises their hand, like they've been trained to do so. The teacher wasn't very fond of that and asked, 'Why are you a Red Wolf? "My mom is a Red Wolf and my dad is a Red Wolf, so I'm a Red Wolf.The fact that the Wisconsin State Journal ran this story on Bret Bielema and his date, one Sabrina Holtzman (don't Google-stalk her, you'll just get her half-marathon time), at the 2007 Frostiball (read: prom for upper-middle-class-and-better adults who live in the Madison area) makes it acceptable -- nay, it obligates me! The Mustangs are top 15 in the FBS in scoring offense (40.2 points per game), total offense (493.8 yards per game) and passing offense (308 yards per game) this year.Regardless of the mounting negativity — and losses — the Razorbacks voiced their support of Bielema following the loss to Auburn."As players, we can't do anything but be behind our coach, and that's what we're going to do 100 percent," cornerback Kevin Richardson said.

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