Buddhism dating and marriage


According to the Buddha, a marriage has responsibilities.A husband should expect his wife to be loving, attentive, faithful, be a good mother, be a partner in the house, and be compassionate.It is here, and in boredom of the mundane, that disillusion sets in and we look for the next external pleasure to excite us.For a monk, marriage means that there is an attachment to the physical world.

All things are impermanent, but all things are also inter-dependent.

The Buddha did not condemn marriage for lay people, but lay people make a volitional choice to study Buddhism with these extra burdens.

In Buddhism, “man does not exist for religion but religion for man.” To this end, each of us must use the tools of Buddhism to better the quality of the life that he chooses.

History deems Buddha as one of the wisest men in history.

From mindfulness to peace and tranquility many people seek out the advice of the man who seems to have had it all together.

So it would only seem right to turn to him for advice and guidance when it comes to love – something that we hold so dear to our hearts and encircle our life around.

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