Car tax backdating whos dating rachel mcadams


In other words, if you buy a car in March that is taxed until August, you cannot continue to use the existing tax payment that is associated with the car. And here’s the kicker: you’ll have to make the purchase before you can drive the vehicle. If the vehicle is already registered in your name, you can use the 11-digit reference number on the log book (or V5C to give it its true title). Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Post Office.

Road tax is the commonly-used name for vehicle excise duty (VED), which is an annual tax that must be paid on all vehicles that are used on public roads.If you're selling your car, you need to notify the DVLA by returning the relevant portion of the V5C, or risk a fine of £1,000.If there are any full months outstanding on the road tax, a refund will be processed automatically.From 1 April 2018, buyers of new diesel cars that do not meet Euro 6 emission standard will be bumped up into the next band in the first year of registration.For example, a car with emissions of 76 - 90 g/km CO2, which would pay £100 at the moment, will pay £120 after April.If you buy online the system will check to see if you’ve got everything in place.

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