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This confession is pronounced in Turkish: "Dört kitab'ın Dördü de Hâkk".

Four valid books in Islam, namely Psalms, Torah, Gospel, and Qur'an are all the "Righteous"Quran Surah 2 verse 136 says: "We believe in Allah, and in that which has been sent down on us and sent down on Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob, and the Tribes, and that which was given to Moses and Jesus and the Prophets, of their Lord; we make no division between any of them, and to Him we surrender".

Furthermore, all the Shi'ites including Ja'faris, Alavids, Kaysanites, Qarmatians, Fatimid Ismailis, Nizaris and Pamiris are called as Aleviler in Turkish as well.

The topic Alevi investigated in this article refers to "Kızılbaş faith".

All these groups uses the term Alevi to define their own faith.

Nusayris uses the term Alawi (also known as Arab Alevileri) instead of Alevi which is a Turkish term.

(A minority viewpoint is that of the Ishikists, who assert, "Alevi" was derived from "Alev" ("flame" in Turkish) in reference to fire which is extensively used in Alevi rituals.

According to them the use of candles is based on Quran chapter 24, verses 35 and 36: "God is the Light of the heavens and the earth.

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They are realised as twelve services or On İki Hizmet which are performed by members of the Alevi community.

Alevis have some links with Twelver Shia Islam (such as importance of the Ahl al-Bayt, the day of Ashura, the Mourning of Muharram, commemorating Karbala), but do not follow taqlid towards a Marja' "source of emulation".

Some practices of the Alevis are based on Sufi elements of the Bektashi Some Alevis are also of the view that Alevi belief existed prior mainstream religions.

For the mainly Kurdish Mandean groups, see Yazdânism.

Some of the differences that mark Alevis from mainstream Muslims are the use of cemevi halls rather than mosques; worship ceremonies that feature music and dancing, and where both women and men participate; non-observance of the five daily salat prayers and prostrations (they only bow twice in the presence of their spiritual leader), Ramadan, and the Hajj (considering true pilgrimage to be internal one).

Alevis believe in the unity of Allah, Muhammad, and Ali, but this is not a trinity composed of God and the historical figures of Muhammad and Ali.

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