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She represents the history that failed to be reduced into fading memories.

captures that “feeling of time, of having been a part of something that stretched so far back, was so impossibly large, that it was easy to forget that she, and he, and everyone else, existed in it—not apart from it, but inside of it”.

The second thought came as a question: who will read proclaims in the early pages of the novel, “you are a fine storyteller”, and somehow her expression, like a surefire, endures through the remaining pages.

Esi’s words, as it stands, reveal the appreciative portrait of the novel, the overall deftness of Gyasi.

It is easy to deduce from the writing style that Yaa Gyasi had no intention to delight or please, but it checks both quite impressively.

It is right to use the word ‘masterful’ together with ‘masterpiece’ to praise this novel without seeming ambiguous.

At one point in Yaa Gyasi’s epic novel, perhaps towards the end, I arrived at two thoughts.

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