Cheap dating tip

Of course, recreating a first date isn’t always easy for couples who’ve been together for years.

Maybe you live in a different town now, or maybe the original date venue has closed. Whether you went to a music show, ate at a burger joint, or danced the night away at a club, do it all over again.

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If you can, try to have your date take place right at sunset when the sky is the most beautiful.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a great place to begin.

(For a deeper time together, each of you get the study guide that goes with the book and spend time in God's Word together). Get some plants, throw down some beach towels, put on your bathing suits and eat Hawaiian food.

It gives us a new perspective and lets us rise above it all for a few precious hours.

You can inspire those good feelings during a rooftop date. Get a light folding table and throw on a brightly colored tablecloth.

With just a little bit a work, you, too, can make her swoon.

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