Cheryl cole dating derek hough


"I hadn't heard her music at that time." Meanwhile, Cheryl is said to be planning on moving to LA with her new man following the split of Girls Aloud.

In 2007, he showed up at the Season four of the truth moving show ‘Hitting the dance floor with the Stars’, as a visiting teacher.

I'm not sure she has a thing for dancers but let's say she definitely goes for creative types," he added.

Derek also revealed the reason behind his silence on their relationship, admitting he never wanted to jeopardise their friendship.

He is a professional instructor of the dancing show Dancing With the Stars and has been instructing in the show for since the fifth season.

Derek Hough was born on May 17, 1985, in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

In the vicinity of 19, Derek Hough taken part in a few rivalries that took him to a few outside countries like Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, the US and Czechoslovakia.

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