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v Count Wolfgang von Roehmer, Helena Ayres [Ghost Manor #57 (1981.)] c. v Unnamed [Forbidden Worlds #6(1952.)] Adventures into Weird Worlds.

A woman who poses as a vampire in order to murder her husband is undone by a real vampire v John Ashby [rpt.

v Unnamed, Phil Jones (the latter, unjusty accused of being the vampire, ends up acting as one.) ** no.

v various undead vampires and Tom Malverne, aka Jack the Ripper, a candidate to unlife who fails the test to become a vampire and is killed by the undead.

Adventurer: The Superior Fantasy & Science Fiction Games Magazine.

in Tales Too Terrible to Tell #8 (1993.)] Adventures into Terror.

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Cover: Brian Bolland & John Bolton (flip cover.) ** no.

v Karl Grutz (a mad scientist changing himself into a vampire spider.) ** no.

v the Wolpire (“both werewolf and vampire.”) ** no.

The copies sold at the first signing (at London’s Forbidden Planet on October 15, 1988) included a commemorative poster signed by Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Kevin O’Neil & Neil Gaiman.

(or Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia) was a fundraising one-shot magazine published in the United Kingdom in support of Lesbians and Gay Action.

v vampire bats let loose by Communist spies in the American West, defeated by patriotic American cowboys and Old West ghosts.

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