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” and it worked great, so I decided I’d try the same line myself.

But when I used it, it came off as try-hard and weird.

Then several guys go through some of their routine that frankly I found to beneath my level of game (and folks, I ain't that good), and that's pretty much it.

But to use it successfully, you have to balance the two components: cocky funny.Just being cocky can come across as offensive and even antagonistic. ”Of course, this came across as combative, it hurt my interactions more than helping them. Guys make it because they don’t understand the subtleties of cocky and funny.I remember when I learned about the concept of cocky funny I insulted girls in an attempt to attract them. You’re not being cocky to show off how cool you are, Cocky funny isn’t about being arrogant, it’s actually the opposite.Some of the areas covered: - Techniques for meeting women - How to get a woman to laugh - Making women feel attraction for you - Conversation do's and don'ts - Deadly questions you must never ask a woman - Exercises to help you quickly develop a sense of humour - Secrets to storytelling without sounding boring - The biggest mistake guys make when trying to be funny - How to use laughter to create a personal connection with a woman - How to use Cocky Comedy in your phone conversations with women - How to blend Cocky Comedy with your natural personality David De Angelo's "Cocky Comedy" is not only loaded with great hilarious alpha lines to play with in A2, but goes into the psychology behind one of the things human beings use to peacock with...HUMOR and LAUGHTER, and why it's important to convey it. The guest speakers are also funny, give day2 ideas, and have fun with the material.I think the general tips given here can be safety and effectively incorporated into any style of i've seen it. It's OK overall, but whether it is worth the money is open for debate. If you're looking to become a comedic version of Mystery, this will not get you there.

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