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So far, students have run more than 132 million yards in Yeardley’s honor.Student athletes in SUNYAC have begun the single largest Yards for Yeardley event ever and the first one coordinated across multiple campuses. Each of ten campuses has pledged to run 1 million yards in a day—ten million yards conference-wide.Resources for Campus Health Settings: View our IPV Health Toolkit to learn more.Campus Leaders Program In addition to materials and technical assistance for campus health centers, Futures Without Violence Health Program also hosts a group 10 graduate students from across the country in an annual fellowship that seeks to develop the students’ leadership capacity around responding to and preventing sexual and intimate partner violence on college campuses. For more information, check out FUTURES’ work on college campuses!

It is also a rallying cry for One Love’s work, and gets people interested in the foundation,.

Several observed that campus culture has to be open to combating sexual assault and dating violence.

Others raised the issue of intersectionality and making sure that vulnerable populations who are disproportionately affected by these issues have adequate resources.

At the same time, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee leaders decided they wanted to do something big and splashy beyond the workshops to start campus-wide conversations.

They agreed to participate in Yards for Yeardley, an awareness campaign where students at a campus spend all day running, tallying as many yards as possible.

In the past two years, the United States has made enormous progress in addressing campus sexual assault, but many campuses are missing a part of the equation: dating violence and healthy relationships need to be a bigger part of the conversation at colleges and universities.

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