Committed dating relationship still


This is actually not a bad match but the two of them will have to work on it if they want to keep it going.

If the Sagittarius woman is finding herself bored or tired of Taurus’ jealous; it may make the relationship fall flat.

She will do this for some things but for some; she will do as she should and tell him no. The Taurus man will have to open up and be willing to also make some changes himself so that the two of them can grow together and be a healthy couple.

It’s hard for these two to see longevity but it IS possible with a bit of work and finesse.

It truly depends on them both to make sure it stays alive.

If neither of them can do this, then perhaps parting the ways may be the best option. If you’re a Sagittarius woman who wants to learn more about her Taurus in hopes to salvage what they have; you may want to read my book.

The Taurus Man Secrets can help give you tips and hints that could actually help you improve things between you.

It will be up to them both to figure out if they’re willing to give up and part ways or if they want to stay together giving it another try.

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