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Many of my friends are in the film industry, says Pomilia, and Im apparently a member of what Grandpa Roy teased Grandma Dale, Aunt Cheryl & Aunt Mimi aboutbeing officers of The Talkers Club! For Out West Concert Series shows look at the Live Music page.

Happening Next previews whats coming, Happened has concerts in reverse chronological order dating back to 2010. Actually Ive brought all that up as sort of a tenuous platform to use in putting forth some ideas about the music business, what the general public expects, what we Western fans and performers have here and finally encouraging those fs and ps to at least begin deciding what they would want newcomers to think of Western Music! Through our New Media Committee and other means at our disposal the Western Music Association is embarking on plans to bring our musical genre to potential new audiences.

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Following her work for the Autry she and husband Jim Bell launched the merchandising site in 2007 and the retail storefront followed in 2009. We have Rex Allen to the left of our door and Riders In The Sky to the right, she laughs. The series caught the eye and ear of the local public access station SCV-TV, which now professionally videos with three cameras, broadcasts and archives the shows for all to see.

Enter finally a year ago Julie Fox Pomilia, originally a guest telling tales of being the granddaughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and then being invited to co-host as well!

As Nancy Pitchford puts it, its always more fun with more!!

That sense of mutual affection and high spirits comes across, attracting to the hometown feeling show an audience ranging from the American heartland to England, France and beyond. My focus is mostly the equestrian side, says Pitchford.

I bring in the promotional aspect, music and dig up leads to guests, adds Bell. Following are the huge group of pertinent addresses: Mail product to Out West, 24265 Main Street, Newhall, CA 91321. To hear live streaming of Around The Barn shows (Saturdays 9AM to 10 AM Pacific time) go to gets you to On The Air for whats coming up and Happened gets you to past show podcasts.

Without the promoting of major motion picture studios (like Republic did in the Golden Age) or an all-consuming tide of popularity rising from a single blockbuster film, series or sex symbol to propel it, Western will never again hit fad status.

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