Cross cultural dating relationships


When you integrate into a new culture, you often have to leave some of your old habits behind.Soon, it becomes apparent just how important those small habits were to you, and how much they impacted your own sense of identity.After all, you are an individual and while the culture you grew up in might have helped shape your identity, it does not own you - you are in control.There is no single formula for a happy, long-term cross cultural relationship.Your counsellor will encourage you to investigate the role religion plays in your relationship. It is possible to accept and embrace your partner's beliefs while staying true to your own.Variety is the spice of life, and as long as you respect one another's decisions, the odd disagreement shouldn't stand in the way of happiness.These disagreements can sometimes be sparked by resentment because one or both partners feel their culture is being rejected or attacked when the other refuses to follow their customs or traditions.

It is possible to hold onto your identity while embracing a new culture and, with the help of a counsellor, you can start to explore what makes you you.

The loyalty we often feel towards our own culture and traditions can sometimes mean we find it difficult to understand another’s.

In a relationship situation when two people have differing beliefs, it is these feelings that can be pushed to the forefront, overwhelming the individual feelings we have for one another.

It might become tainted, marred, or forgotten - but that reason will never really disappear.

Here are some tips for avoiding challenges in cross cultural relationships: 1.

By taking the time to listen to one another’s stories in an objective setting with a counsellor, a new level of understanding may be reached, obstacles can be overcome and a plan for moving forward can be made. It's not just about the national dish, the fashions people wear, the gods they worship, or even the places they live.

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