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About Black Poz Dating Black Poz is a confidential online community that is leading the way in providing education,support, and contacts for friendship and dating among its members who are black and STD positive.The company has been helping the Black STD positive community lead more connected lives for over 10 years, and has become the number one site for black STD positive individuals to connect with others who share the same struggles and dreams.None of us want to send our children to school and have them taken away from us(no matter what country you live in or what color you are.....).The best way to move forward is to appreciate what you have (your own children), always know where your children are (protect and care for them and other children). It is a time for change and even if you are ensuring the security of your own children wether that be in your own home / school or in public, it is sending a message that those little souls did not die in vein. Rocksasamick, I think you're right about it hitting close to home.Sacred Well, it's very interesting knowing about how Australia is responding.

This tragedy has especially effected many people who have little children.

If they want to view the private photos in Private Album, they have to send a request to the owner.

The owner has the right to accept or deny request of other members to view his private photos.

For the children who lost their friends and couldn't possibly understand. I realize so many parents in Ct who found there children safe r so thankful yet I cant get out of my mind those parents who didn't. It is heartbreaking horrific tradgedy I don't think we will ever get over.

I am deeply heartbroken, and yet, this tragedy has happen across a country from me.. My heart goes out yo those parents n children who's lives have been changed forever.

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