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In his letter the young man admitted that he was struggling with the commandments.

He was living a life he was not proud of, and he had approached his bishop to correct his mistakes.

Or compare the attractiveness of some people before twenty and after fifty.

The long-term beautiful people of the world are people of generosity, thoughtfulness, and all the other basic Christian values.

I am at the point right now that I need someone to give me clarification and guidance so I can begin to exercise faith to change my life; otherwise, I feel I’ll never change. I don’t have any abnormal growths or anything, but I’m just not what girls would call good looking.

I just want to be attractive and have my wife think I’m attractive.He had felt the Spirit and had been blessed by the peace of it, yet he now has great self-loathing and feels unhappy.He is fixated on his own weaknesses and has forgotten his real eternal identity. Nothing is more demoralizing for young people than to feel that no one finds them attractive.A person we thought beautiful may, because of an unpleasant disposition, become unattractive to us. His concern over his physical appearance has become all-encompassing.Likewise, someone who has gone unnoticed may suddenly, because of some inner nobility or other asset of personality, become very attractive to made me handsome, but He didn’t. Why am I ugly and a lot of my close friends are attractive (and married, too). He does not make any connection between keeping the commandments and personal happiness. Often when we give up on ourselves we make the assumption that God has given up on us when He is just beginning to work on us.They state very well the struggle with self-worth so many of us feel in this life.

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