Datagridview cell validating cancel


A Windows forms application will normally have a collection of controls such as labels, textboxes, list boxes, etc.Below is an example of a simple Windows form application. Text = "Data Grid View validation demo (disallows empty Company Name)" End Sub Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System. All Cells Except Header) End Sub Private Sub data Grid View1_Cell Validating(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args) _ Handles data Grid View1. Header Text ' Abort validation if cell is not in the Company Name column. Equals("Company Name") Then Return ' Confirm that the cell is not empty. Load ' Initialize the Binding Source and bind the Data Grid View to it. Data Source = Get Data("select * from Customers") Grid View1. Auto Resize Columns( _ Data Grid View Auto Size Columns Mode. Cancel = True End If End Sub Private Sub data Grid View1_Cell End Edit(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Cell End Edit ' Clear the row error in case the user presses ESC. Data Grid View Cell Event Args) _ Handles data Grid View1. Form Private With Events data Grid View1 As New Data Grid View() Private binding Source1 As New Binding Source() Public Sub New() ' Initialize the form. Cell Validating Dim header Text As String = _ data Grid View1.

So far we have seen how to work with C# to create console based applications.

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Dim adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(select Command, connection String) Dim data As New Data Table() data.

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