Dating 36kg

I think trust and honesty are one of the most important things in strong relationships. I like to travel, to discover new things, to learn smth new each day and to improve my knowledges especially in English!

I like to take care about my look, I want to be in good shape and look perfect for my future beloved man.

I need someone who older than me, next to whom I will feel comfortable and protected. If you got tired - I will do all the best to make you relaxed.

Man of my dreams should be kind, romantic, heedful and with sense of humor, also confident, hardworking and faithful. And I will never ask you for anything in return because REAL love can’t be selfish!

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The “cheap” image of the brand has largely prevented a significant collector appeal, and in turn a lack of good research or documentation.

Your car must have Isofix connectors for you to be able to use an i-Size car seat.

At the moment there are only a few i-Size seats on the market in the UK and not all cars have Isofix connectors.

It's part of regulation ECE R129, which will eventually replace the old safety regulation R44/04.

The idea is that all car seats will eventually meet the tighter i-Size safety standards.

Her incredible transformation has also given her the confidence to get back into the dating game. I've never been in a relationship except a fake one for six years,' she admitted to the publication referring to a female friend who pretended to be her boyfriend during an online relationship.

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