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For longer term relationships with Asian women some of these issues would be really helpful to understand better: Another weakness of the course is that it is a little more 'filipino' focused than the other Asian nationalities.There is little to no coverage of Koreans, and the Chinese coverage is weaker also (also please note that India is not included in the coverage - this makes total sense since it is a culture apart and wouldn't fit with the rest).So this book is really for men actually visiting Asia and in particular South East Asia and wanting to meet and date local women.The best material in this book concerns the cultural differences in communication, situations you'll come across and in the ways the girls think. Dean does a great job of going through all the areas that will affect your ability to date and have relationships with women.I don't want to give you the impression that he doesn't have experience and give advice about other nationalities (clearly not the case), but it is clear that these two nationalities are where he has the deepest experience.The book provides some easy to follow advice with some examples (not as many as there could have been, but good).Keep in mind that for girls from very good backgrounds (who tend to be wealthy) things will be more challenging than Dean has made it sound - nonetheless the information will all be helpful.The weaknesses are minor and for beginners mostly irrelevant.

Keep in mind this book relates to women who have grown up in Asia - Western born or raised Asian girls may have some of these characteristics (passed to them from their parents) but overall they act more like Western girls with western values.Boosting these areas in the book up would make it a lot more comprehensive.From my own experiences I know there is other specific advice that would be really useful to anyone dating Chinese or Korean women.If you are involved with or interested in dating Asian women (particularly South East Asians such as Filipina women) this course can save you a lot of time, frustration and potential heartache - I recommend it particularly for beginners to 'avoid pitfalls' when they have little prior knowledge and experience of Asian culture and women.If you are specifically interested in dating Japanese women, we recommend Japanese Girls - The Guide which provides much more comprehensive advice on dating the Japanese.Asian women are amazing, but the average foreigner for many reasons I won't go into takes some poor choices (what seem to be shortcuts) and often ends up with a bad experience.

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