Dating an indecisive man


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Men are indecisive because the pull of emotions against logic.

He is weighing your worth as a friend against your worth as a girlfriend, and if he gets his cake and eats it to; he can allow himself to be delusional. I don't know how accurate this is but I keep getting the feeling that he wants his cake and eat it too. He has found out that you respond when he pushes your boundaries.

Dating indecisive means that you constantly wonder what you did wrong, or what you need to fix about your self.

You’ll constantly wonder what you need to do to make them happy so that they aren't indecisive about you.

You always feel on edge, as if at any minute you need to prepare your self for a sudden change in your life.

You can never feel comfortable, and forget making plans because dating indecisive means that plans never stay the same.

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Again, he is making the first move, but this time he wants to talk and watch a game together at a bar.Yep he wants to do you, but wants you to accept the fact he will never be yours and yours alone.It isnt that he is indecisive he just hasnt figured out if you will still do him if he stays with the GF and how to approach it. They can’t decide anything, so you go day by day, wondering and day dreaming about what it could be like, even though its going no where. One day they are telling you they love you, they want to marry you.The next they don’t know if they ever want to get married, or if they even want to have a significant other. You’ve known all your life you don’t want to leave your family, or be more than 40 minutes from them.You’ve dated indecisive, you’ve dated the guy who did’t know what he wanted.

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