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After creating these policies, you need to train all employees on the ways to prevent sexual harassment and how to report sexual harassment when it occurs.

Managers and supervisors are the front lines when it comes to managing employee performance and needs from work.

"Former Mayor Annise Parker rightly said in 2010 that Houston firefighters were 'unjustly under a cloud.' Eight years later, the cloud remains," he said.

"The time has come for authorities to release all of the evidence in this case.

"In early 2009, Draycott reported to her Captain that a firecracker exploded when she opened the door to the stall in the women's bathroom," the suit says.In the current cultural environment, many accusations of past sexual harassment up to and including rape have been leveled at prominent people. Frequently, the abuser is a man with a powerful position from which he can negatively affect the careers of those who refuse the harasser's requests.Secondly, for a variety of reasons, the harassed individuals have not requested help from the HR departments or managers of these powerful people.The legal action seeks to force HFD to develop policies to prevent sex discrimination and retaliation, but it also asks for monetary relief for Draycott and Keyes, according to a press release. "The Mayor's Office of Communications learned about the lawsuit through media reports this afternoon," spokeswoman Mary Benton said in an email."No employee should be subjected to a hostile work environment based on their sex," U. "At this time, we do not have a comment." Representatives from the firefighters' union said the lawsuit underscored the need for city officials to make public the findings of an investigation involving 40 firefighters that were polygraphed and who gave sworn statements or handwriting samples during the investigation.Your policy handbook needs a: Workplace non-fraternization policies need to recognize that the workplace is one of the logical locations for people to meet and fall in love, as long as the employees engaged in the relationship follow common sense guidelines.

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