Dating english pottery marks


The main task of research into the formation of the Lithuanian state is to minimize the inevitable part played by imagination and to make the reconstruction as plausible as possible.It is necessary to avoid groundless stereotypes, evaluate the historical record, and make good use of the work of earlier historians.The so-called Radziwill Chronicle - the oldest illustrated Ruthenian chronicle-was also compiled in the land of Vladimir-Suzdal.

We can tentatively distinguish two main concepts of the state - a narrow one and a broad one.It devotes comparatively little space to the early history of Lithuania.However, a few important facts are mentioned from the second half of the 13 century.The publishers of this Chronicle chose the Ipat'evsky manuscript as their source. Hrushevski assumes that Khlebnikov's manuscript contains the more archaic text.The Volhynian Chronicle contains much original information about Lithuania in the second half of the 12 centuries.Besides this information, the Lithuanians are mentioned in the preface of Nestor's Chronicle as tributaries of Ruthenia (Rus').

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