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But for the young adults of the Millennial Generation, these social institutions are becoming delinked and differently valued.

Today’s 18- to 29-year-olds value parenthood far more than marriage.”[7] Considering the fact that “black fatherhood” is a phrase that is almost always accompanied by the word “crisis” in U. society, it’s understandable that the CDC’s results seem innovative.

[1] Traditional nuclear families with two married heterosexual parents are now the minority of U. The rise of single motherhood is the largest influence on this trend — followed by gay families, multigenerational families and .

[6] 46% millennials and 44% Gen Xers say “Marriage is becoming obsolete.” [7] Not all of those mothers were single: Many were living with partners.

However, the share of fathers who are residing with their children has fallen significantly in the past half century.” [14] “When marriage was the near-universal norm in American society, a pregnancy out of wedlock pushed a couple toward one of four choices: shotgun wedding; adoption; abortion; or single motherhood, in that order of social acceptability.

The result was a society in which both abortion and single motherhood were rare.

More educated millennials are having babies outside of marriage.

According to Pew, married mothers earned a median family income of ,000 in 2011, almost four times more than families led by a single mom.

Among high school graduates, depicted in the chart below, for instance, 28 percent of children were born to cohabiting couples.

Combine that with the 41 percent of children born to married couples, then most babies were born into two-parent households.

The problem is that cohabiting couples don’t always last[9].

Their relationships fare better than parents who aren’t living together at all, but frequently the mother ends up raising a child alone.

But in reality, the new data builds upon years of research that’s concluded that hands-on parenting is similar among dads of all races, and the CDC found that black dads are “The role of fathers in the modern American family is changing in important and countervailing ways.

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