Dating for overweight people


But what if you are also trying to lose weight when you hit the dating scene?

The rules for dating when you're overweight aren't very different from the rules for dating when you're at your goal weight.

In he gives the skinny on what men really think about your weight. There many other things that matter more to your guy than the inches on your belly or your hips.

But if you're still worried about how you look, don't worry.

Lastly, show up for your date looking and feeling sleek and fabulous. Researchers have studied good posture and found that it makes a big difference in the way we feel and the way that we are perceived.

So put on a smile and a sexy stance when you head out on the town.2. No man (or woman) is worth giving up your goals - ever.

There's no need for you to explain your weight, your plan for changing it or your history of dieting.

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