Dating habits

We all choose to get into relationships for a number of reasons.

Maybe it’s for love; maybe it’s because we share common hobbies; or maybe because it’s easy and super-convenient.

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While the idea of friends with benefits isn’t new, the people in the city — and all our casual sex/dating practices and Peter Pan–syndrome attitudes — are definitely changing the way we date.If you’re in the city and your love interest is in the East Bay, it’s an even taller order.(Real talk, though: why does it cost almost to get from the Outer Richmond to downtown San Francisco, but from downtown Oakland to Union Square? )On the flip side, the person gets extra points if they live close to your office, yoga studio, gym or other place of frequent visitation.Back in So Cal, where I lived previously, I was surrounded by friends on the marriage and baby path (no thank you! But in San Francisco, I saw a whole different side of dating.I’ve met two different types of men here: those who are too busy to even think about socializing (unless it’s with an executive) and those who date with no strings attached, i.e., they’ll bang anything that moves.Convenience relationships require a strong foundation of communication, trust and understanding.

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