Dating minton tiles


Encaustic floor tile was a prominent feature in Victorian architecture, both residential and commercial, typically depicting a very stylistic and geometric pattern against a colored background.

Encaustic tile is unique because its decorative design is not glazed on the surface, but is an inlaid pattern created during the manufacturing process.

Richly patterned and colored encaustic Minton tile was also installed by this firm during the construction of the extensions of the United States Capitol beginning in 1856.

The advertisement touts Minton encaustic tile for installation in vestibules, halls, hearths and conservatories.

Minton Styles used over the company's 200 year history c1796: Thomas Minton c1800: Minton, Poulson and Pounall c1801-02: Minton Poulson and Co c1802-08: Minton and Poulson c1809-17: Thomas Minton c1817-27: Thomas Minton and Sons c1824: Thomas Minton and Son c1824-36: Thomas Minton c1836-41: Minton and Boyle c1841-45: Herbert Minton and Co c1845: Minton and Hollins c1847-73: Herbert Minton and Co c1873-84: Mintons c1884: Mintons Antique Minton Marks on Pottery and Porcelain : c1805 to 1806 - Mark in overglaze blue enamel only used with gilded pieces.

Before 1805 pattern number is preceded by No., after 1805 pattern number is on its own.

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The first mark is from a printed pattern issued about 1837.Minton was one of the best-known British manufacturers of porcelain and pottery beginning in the late 18th century.The "Minton" name has also been associated with fine ceramic and encaustic floor tile since the early 1800s.Minton, Hollins & Co., who owns the right to mark their tiles “Minton & Co.”, made tiles only.The globe with flags was printed in gold on all goods exhibited at the Philadelphia Exhibition in 1876.In the 1820s he started production of bone china; this early Minton is regarded as comparable to French Sèvres, by which it was greatly influenced.

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