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Aioli piqued mainstream American palates after World War II."True" Spanish/Catalan Allioli is slightly different: it does not contain eggs.

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a fermented fish sauce familiar in the Mediterranean world from the fifth century BC to the end of antiquity.

Classic French Mother sauces were created in the 17th century (La Varenne)& codified in the 18th/19th (Caremen/Escoffier).

"In France, there have alway been sauces, which is to say that the Franks and the Gauls moistened their food with a flavored liquid.

The best garum was the same colour as amber Falernian wine...

Curiously, very little information is forthcoming about how garum was used, until, towards the end of the classical period, the recipes of Apicius give an unambiguous answer.

Garum is frequently mentioned in ancient literature.

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