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I promptly canceled my account with Ashley Madison. In this I would be contacted by a self-described professional women who claimed not to care about our age difference. If I just purchased credits shouldn't I be on page one or two at least for a couple of days? I think you should change your policy if you disagree. I've been on AM for about 7 years now, don't spend your hard earned money on anything except credits and even then be very careful who you spend them on. Then when you receive a message from a gal first check to see that she even looked at your profile because if she didn't you're probably wasting your money to answer their message. I think it's best to say you're looking for a "long-term relationship" even if you don't really care because believe it or not most women don't want a "one nighter." I've tried many sites and AM is the only one I've had any decent success with while being honest that I am married...

The woman was just looking for a man who would demonstrate a caring behavior and share love with her. Be sure to have a profile that sounds fun and interesting with current but flattering photos of yourself, your face not your $#*! other sites I get the cold shoulder or hate mail for being "married." Once you've made contact with a lady the rest of correspondence with that person is free so spark their interest, appeal to their mind and wit.

Indeed the cards continued to work everywhere else after they were turned down during the attempted validation.

Ashley Madison customer service suggested offered alternative links to me and I tried these but my credit cards were always turned down regardless of the link supplied by Ashley Madison.

Got two replies both escorts pretending to be a woman looking for a relationship until they started to talk about there rates. That is why many "professionals" join and try to make you join other sites, cam sites, etc.

Waste of money It does take some money to get through the process but if you really want to hook up, it can be well spent. On sites like vm, saphrina, etc women usually pay as well which is good for the quality of the female profiles.

I did obtain a validation with one woman with whom I have had no further contact.

The scam is that these girls will message you and even go off site and then after teasing you with photos, they say they are in town and want to meet but first, you have to process through this site for "their" safety. It is just a way for whoever is pretending to be that person - probably a 300 pound dude in New Jersey in his tidy whities- and once you pay the , the goal has been met.What the hell is it about the fear of getting caught and doing $#*! And the fact im married (second time surprise suprise) makes it just as forbidden and so even extra hotter for me! I live in the UK, I am single and have found the men on this site really nice and intelligent. 90% of the profiles are fake, generated to take your money. I've had success on three other affair /adult dating sites; Saphrina, Aff and another one who I will not name because I don't particularly like it. Buttom line; You need to buy credits if you expect results. If you are not decent looking things will become a little tougher. Many young, beautiful girls will contact you, and you pay the site (in coins) to reply. Fortunately, I did not, because she recorded our skype and tried to blackmail me! Nice looking site and easy to use, ill say that much for it. And if you find someone you like stop fishing for other women, they will actually check on AM to see if you're still looking around.I have tired to find decent men on traditional dating sites but find most men are game players. I spent nearly £200 on this site sending out messages. Recently, a woman who was supposedly 29, connected with me and we were soon sexting and Skyping while she masturbated. Was on this site for one month send around 25 winks to several so called ladies in my area . Almost every woman wants to be your one and only so assure them that they are. This site is free for women, which i believe is a big problem.After several days of texting back and forth the woman would ask for money to help with her expenses. Both women described themselves as working for charitable causes in Africa. These women get hundreds of hits daily so when you get a bite, tug gently, be patient, and don't even mention sex much until after you meet them in person.Both women were quite attractive, one was a knock-out. OK, basically i've figured out after a looooong time that these sites do work if you follow certain rules, for example: 1 use a good site with good reviews (e.g this one or both rank high) 2 avoid sites that you've never heard anything good about (or anything about period) 3 ALWAYS run a search in your area to see results before you get sucked into paying 4 spend time on your profile and dont copy n paste intro messages, women see thru that jazz 5 when you find a good site dont stop looking, this game is cheap for what youre getting so use multiple sites. Be confident, warm, friendly, and flattering in a non-sexual way.Mark S (37) If you're an older married fella (50 ) whose thinking he's gonna have a hot steamy affair with a single or married woman who looks like a Fox News babe (Mac Callum, Perino, et al), you're gonna be disappointed and burn thru a lot of credits getting there. "before we meet you need to buy this pass" Girls with sudden money emergencies, they are, nicer, pretty, more elaborated, until they need a medication, book, tuition, etc on emergency basis, probably also some guy sitting in an indonesia IT shop... AM makes money if you accept a collect message or initiate a message with them.

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