Dating practices in latin america


If you hear a knock on the door late at night when you’re with company…

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Argentine women get fake boobs through their health insurance.

When you start spilling drinks or confessing your love, it’s time to cut yourself off. It might save yourself from a angry boyfriend or big friends. If you turn and admire a beautiful women walk by in Latin America you’re not a pervert, you’re a man.

Take the first half hour to just watch the club dynamics before approaching anyone.

What you do and say are two totally different things.

Embrace her friends and you win the girl (don’t sleep with them).

Here are some examples: – My ex-boyfriend’s mom is still married to her husband of 30 years, but told me that when they were younger, he hooked up with other girls all the time (and would even many times leave her for a couple of days to stay with another woman! She said of course it hurt, but it wasn’t such big of a deal because ‘Boys will be boys’ and in the end and til today, he always chose her over the others.

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