Dating problems short men


If you’re a short guy reading this article, then I don’t have to tell you that the odds are stacked against you.Every short man can tell a story of the obstacles he’s faced in the dating game, from being filtered out of searches online, being told he’s perfect, but not tall enough, to outright hostility from women who think short=inferior.Whining and complaining are unattractive because they make you look weak and insecure. David wrote an article, Hey Short Guys: How To Become Taller which explains ways shorter guys can come across as more dominant and confident, and therefore more attractive.Also this article explains the main factor women are looking for in a guy: power.

First, don’t whine or complain about your height around women.

I went on a few dates with this martial arts chap and I remember on the first meeting we actually stood back to back to measure up because he wanted to see that he was taller than me. You know when you see those couples, the guy is super tall and the girl is this diddy, petite thing.

I don’t know if he was used to or preferred shorter girls but to me he was one of the tall ones. Short girls don’t even need to try and be cute because it’s just there but when the roles are reversed you feel the need to get dolled up and act even more girly than usual. Holding hands as you stroll along the promenade looks like your walking your son (from behind) and so if you’re enjoying some proper public displays of affection, you can bet that somebody is looking at you and wondering whether to call the police.

However you do get a super leg work out with all that squatting as you wind your body, move your body.

I met this hilarious guy out once, he was actually a comedian, ginger, with a beard (basically my dream on paper) but without now insulting him, he was about 5’5.

It means he get to be the macho man and look after you when you’re as p*ssed as a pudding.

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