Dating ruirkissss

The more often the woman visits the site – the more close you see her profile to beginning of search.If you write letters to the women from first 100 pages of search result then you can be sure to receive the answer soon.

All the women are real and checked, so you will receive only real letters from real women, not from frauds.

I do not want to write you fairy tales about myself, but I want you to know something about me.

I am independent lonely woman who do not need your material values.

Our site for serious acquaintances with Russian women is not “mail order bride” site.

We do not sell any emails or other contact information of our users, so you can be sure about confidentiality of the contact data provided by you.

If you like some Russian woman, have passed certain period of correspondence on the site with her, called her and decided that you really want to meet in real and maybe develop your relationships further then we advise you to go and meet her.

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