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An ASL interpreter can be requested free of charge for any guided tour or program by contacting [email protected]

Play an ancient art-themed SLAM Bingo game by matching symbols with works of art from Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds or in the Museum’s permanent collection galleries of ancient art.Their submersion was completed in the 8th century, possibly by an earthquake, or other upheavals, some associated with tidal waves.This, combined with the unstable sediment on which the cities were built, ultimately led to their demise.Isis, sister and wife of Osiris, put the god’s body back together using her magical powers and then conceived their son, Horus.After this, Osiris became the Lord of the Afterlife.This ambitious 25-year-long project covers a vast area the size of Paris and brings to light findings of antiquities of considerable importance, transforming our understanding of the extensive exchange of goods and ideas between Egypt and its Mediterranean neighbors.

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